VIP Pricing

VIP Pricing is the lowest price we can sell a product for .. PLUS a custom shipping quote. We use this system of pricing for a several reasons:

1) Many manufacturers limit the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of their products. For these parts we can not advertise our lowest prices, so you must contact us for a custom quote.

2) Sometimes we are able to get deeper discounts by seperating body kit pieces from a complete kit, or checking on manufacturer sales. Other times prices have actually been lowered by the manufacturer before we have been able to update our catalog.

4) Shipping prices can vary depending on product size and destination, but for simplicity our website uses a shipping calculator based on retail shipping rates with generalized dimensions. By getting an actual quote, we are able to consider more exact dimentions and utilize deeply discounted shipping rates our manufacturers and distributors have negotiated with the major carriers like UPS and FedEx.

5) By contacting us directly, it gives us an opportunity to double-check on application fitment, product stock, and discuss any extended turn around times.

3) Lastly, advertising deeply discounted rates hurts manufacturers and retailers by devaluing the product.

Text Message for V.I.P. Pricing
+1.860.809.0907 - Available 24 / 7