Ferrari 328 Coil-Overs

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Biot Evolution De Leger Street Coilovers with Separate Tanks for Ferrari 328

Evolution De Leger Street Coilovers with Separate Tanks

    As a street-only model, the evolution de leger adopts a dedicated rubber upper mount while retaining the light ride quality of the sports suspension, and this rubber upper mount allows the input at the time of initial operation of the suspension to escape, making it flexible. It ensures a comfortable ride and high ground contact and is low. The upper part of the spring is equipped with an aluminum rubber upper plate and a rubber upper seat to mute the operating noise of the spring. Some of the functions provided for a flexible ride are designed to adapt as much as possible to any usage environment on a street different from the circuit by controlling the initial rise of damping force for each model. It has been. Unlike other manufacturers, it is a leger born from product development and testing that focuses on streets, sticking to street-only models. Delivered from the "asse di Biot" brand, named for Italian supercars. Spring rate: F12kg / R10kg.

Includes: Coilovers x4

Vehicle: Ferrari 328


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