Audi A7 C7 Coil-Overs

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H&R Ultra Low Coilovers for Audi A7 C7

Ultra Low Coilovers

    H&R Ultra Low Coil Overs are for the over-the-top enthusiasts who want extreme lowering. We suggest they be installed only by tuners who are familiar with the dynamics of ultra-lowered vehicles-issues such as fitting smaller tires and wheels, possibly removing fender liners, trimming fender wells, negative camber, etc. may need to be addressed. This kit is designed for show vehicles; Please consult with your installer before purchasing. Drop F1.5-2.8 R1.4-2.8. *Tuner fitment - for advanced suspension fitment.

INCLUDES: Coilovers x4

VEHICLE: Audi A7 Quattro 2010-2017

PART#: 29019-1



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