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Capristo Valved Exhaust with Mid-Pipes (Stainless) for Audi A6 C7

Valved Exhaust with Mid-Pipes (Stainless)

    The iconic CAPRISTO Valved Exhaust System offers the best of both worlds through its capability to produce an aggressive exhaust note under acceleration, and a more subdued sound for city driving. This feature is possible using vacuum-actuated valve flaps that open and close depending on driving conditions and input from the driver. At lower engine speeds and during cruise operation the valves are closed and produce a deeper exhaust note. At wide-open throttle, the valves open releasing the full symphony of the engine. The exhaust valves are backpressure-controlled and user programmable via the included CES-3 Control Module.

INCLUDES: Exhaust mid pipes, valved muffler sections (stainless)

VEHICLE: Audi S6 2011-2020

PART#: 02AU01903007



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