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Power Craft Exhaust Front Pipes (Stainless) for Audi A5 B8

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Exhaust Front Pipes (Stainless)

    By using the negative pressure generated by the intake manifold of the engine, and opening and closing the valve of the specially designed exhaust muffler, it is an excellent one that can switch between running in silent mode and exciting mode by remote control switch. At the time of silent mode, sports muffler sound that is not different from genuine muffler is realized, and you can enjoy comfortable driving. In the exciting mode, when you need absolute power in the high speed range during high-speed cruising or circuit driving, just press the changeover switch and the exotic sound quality, volume and performance that show through the silencer It is an exhaust muffler system. This exhaust muffler system is a "hybrid exhaust muffler system" that enables you to control the volume and performance freely by thoroughly focusing on the sound quality and satisfying all driving situations from street to circuit.

INCLUDES: Front pipes (stainless)

VEHICLE: Audi RS5 2009-2012

PART#: P-AU910102



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